History is about studying how our ancestors have lived in the past and how their experiences have shaped the world we live in today. Students will use available evidence to make rational and informed judgements as to why people were motivated to act as they did and the effects of these actions. By helping students to become historically conscious they will be able to understand the world and our place in it more easily.

Subject Aims

  • To develop students skills, knowledge and understanding of history.
  • To make students more aware of the history that is around them.
  • To make students aware of the different interpretation of historical evidence.
  • To develop a sense of objectivity and fair-mindedness.
  • To develop a sense of empathy among students for the generations of the past.
  • To create awareness that who we are today is because of our past and our history.

Subject Objectives

  • To teach the concepts associated with each historical theme.
  • To examine the concept of change and some of the important effects of historical change.
  • To evaluate a range of sources through some basic historical research.
  • To encourage basic skills of research, note taking, critical thinking and contextualisation.
  • To recap, revise and reinforce materials taught.

New Junior Cycle

The study of history at Junior Cycle aims to enable students to develop a set of skills and subject knowledge to allow them to investigate people and their actions in the past.

It helps students to see the world and their place in it from a historical perspective and to realise how the people and events of the past have shaped the modern day world.

It aims to develop an interest and enthusiasm for history, including a regard for heritage and cultural inheritance together with a sense of historical empathy.

It instils in students a respect for integrity, objectivity and looking at issues from different perspectives together with the ability to think critically and to make judgements on views expressed.