Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl Welcome

As we settle into our third month of the year, we offer a warm welcome back to all students, teachers and staff of Our Lady Of Lourdes. However in recent months, like all schools, we have faced the most unprecedented of times. We encourage everyone to look out for one another as we journey through this uncertain time together while prioritising the safety of everyone around us. This is a great time and opportunity to demonstrate resilience, adaptability and care within our school.

We would especially like to welcome our first year students and any new students. We hope that you settle into our school and become accustomed to life in Our Lady of Lourdes and enjoy the rest of your time here just as much as we have. We commend your adaptability thus far and we hope you can adjust to our school and the Covid-19 measures with optimism. We also hope you feel safe in the knowledge that you can reach out to any of us regarding any worries or issues that occur.

We would like to applaud our fellow sixth year students for your solidarity and unwavering determination. From our own perspective, we cannot believe how fast the last six years have gone which is why we encourage everyone to make the most of their time here in Our Lady of Lourdes. This final year may be strange in these times but we are confident that we will all be strong and work together (while being apart!!) and we’ll embrace all the challenges that face us.

We acknowledge the class of 2020 who have shown us what it means to be resilient. You all demonstrated the values that lie at the heart of the ethos of Our Lady of Lourdes and we wish you all the very best wherever your future takes you.

Finally, we would like to thank our teachers and staff for their consistent inspiration, kindness and support. We are all extremely grateful for your hard work both during lockdown and since our return as we journey towards our Leaving Cert exams.