Head Girl’s Welcome 2018/2019

As we begin our new school year at Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School, I would like to welcome back all of our students and staff and hope that you have all enjoyed a relaxing summer. I hope that you are all settling well into this new school year and I wish you all the utmost success in your studies throughout the coming year.

I would particularly like to extend a warm welcome to our First year students. I envisage a positive and comfortable transition from Primary School to Secondary School. I am confident that you will have an enjoyable six years here at Our Lady of Lourdes, just as my class-group and I have had.

As we embark on this new academic year together I am hopeful that each and everybody will strive to reach their full potential. To my fellow sixth years our journey here at Our Lady of Lourdes is coming ever closer to an end. However, I encourage you to work hard but also to enjoy our last few months together as a unit and look forward to the journey ahead of us. I wish you all every success in the Leaving Cert and hope you all achieve what you desire. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Deputy Head girl Aoife Byrne for her support and I look forward to working with Aoife in the coming year.

I would also like to pay tribute to all the staff at Our Lady of Lourdes. Your dedication and time given to students is exceptional and always greatly appreciated. I hope that the new staff have a pleasant and enjoyable experience here and wish you all a very healthy and happy school year ahead.

Many thanks,

Eimear O’Shea