The Haven

The Haven is a newly established ASD class within Our Lady of Lourdes school. This bright, spacious, and welcoming room is used by our students who are diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Autism is a neurological disorder where the person diagnosed processes information differently to many of their peers.

In the Haven, the students are offered a wide variety of classes in a small and intimate setting. Here they learn to develop social and personal skills that will prepare them for life after secondary school. They also practise organisational skills and strategies to enable the students to cope with everyday life. As well as personal tuition in a small class setting, students attend mainstream classes as much as possible. Each student has an individualised plan which are varied to meet the needs of the student. We encourage and facilitate close links with families to ensure students reach their full potential. All students in The Haven have full access to an SNA at all times throughout the school day. We have a number of staff members with a background in learning support and many different subject backgrounds involved with the class on a daily basis.