Care Team

The School Care Team

  • The Care Team is made up of the Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, the Guidance Counsellor, the Special Education Teacher, the Deputy Principal and a number of class teachers. Other members may be co-opted at any time.
  • The team meets once a fortnight.
  • The team has responsibility for supporting Class Tutors and Year Heads; coordination of the pastoral programme; reviewing students with particular difficulties; advising relevant groups within the school community on pastoral issues

Essentially, the care team is a student-focused mechanism put in place by a school in order to:

  • co-ordinate the support available for students in the school
  • facilitate links to the community and other non-school support services
  • enable students with support needs to continue to access a full education
  • assist staff to manage those students effectively
  • ensure new staff members are briefed about policies and procedures relating to student wellbeing and support
  • advise school management on the development and review of effective student support policies and structures.