Junior Cycle Information for Parents

The New Junior Cycle replaces the Junior Certificate Examination.

Subjects have been phased in over a five year period since September 2014. By September 2019 all subjects will be in place. Our new First Years September 2019 will be the first group to complete all subjects under the new system.

What’s different?

  • It places the student at the centre of the learning process
  • It allows for new ways of learning
  • It allows for a broader range of skills to be assessed

How does it work?

Underpinning the New Junior Cycle are;

  • Eight Principles
  • Eight Key Skills
  • Twenty four Statements of Learning

Together these inform the planning, development and implementation of the New Junior Cycle Programmes in all schools.


Each subject has its own Specifications which describes the learning that takes place for the student in that subject area. Students study a maximum of 10 subjects or 9 subjects and 2 short courses or 8 subjects and 4 short courses.

A dual approach to assessment will take place, involving classroom based assessment in 2nd and 3rd year with a final externally-assessed, state certified examination at the end of 3rd year. This enables a balance between preparing students for examinations and allowing for creative thinking, engaged learning with overall better outcomes for students.

JCPA ( Junior Certificate Profile of Achievement )

Students will then receive their JCPA in the autumn following JC Exam

JCPA will reflect a much wider range of your child’s achievements over the three years.

JCPA will report on;

  • Subjects ( State Examined and Assessment Task )
  • Classroom Based Assessments
  • Short Courses
  • Other Learning Experiences

For more detail on all of the areas mentioned refer to www.jct.ie or study the brochure included.